Choosing jewelry that suits your skin tone

Choosing jewelry that suits your skin tone.
How do you determine what jewelry suits your cool?

Individuals with a calm skin tone will look great in jewelry made of white or light-colored metals like silver, platinum, and white gold.

And then, individuals with a warm skin tone look great in rose gold, yellow gold, brass, or copper jewelry. And if your skin tone is neutral, both the yellow and the white-colored metals will work for you.

Confused? If yours is an excellent skin tone/undertone, you will look great in emeralds, bright blues, and deep purples. You can also throw in some frosty pinks, lavender, and ice blue.

Warm skin tones are individuals who easily pull off ruby, the super-pale yellows, and the bright rosy reds. Then you have the neutrals whose skin tones allow them the effortlessly rock bright whites, cool grays, and navy.

But we are not taught any of this in grade school, and not all of us are crazy about makeup. So, how do you know if your skin tone is warm or cool?

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