How to organize jewelry five Suggestions

1. Where within easy reach of the daily wear jewelry if you wear them every day, so they need to be visible place in your eyes. If you put it in the first drawer jewelry box, you often wear objects ( Such as ring or exquisite fashion jewelry Will be easier to find. When you finish jewelry, please keep the first start from these everyday objects.

2. Interlayer, the better the more buy several interlayer jewelry box. So that you can avoid the diamond/gems of wear, and to avoid knot necklace and bracelet wound. Invest in a beautiful and practical jewelry box, equipped with multiple drawers, can protect the jewelry from dust.

3. Will be the same type of jewelry is put together to the same type of jewelry is placed in the same tray: ring and ring, hand catenary and bracelet together, such as organizing your jewelry box. In this way, you can more easily choose earrings, bracelets or necklaces, special clothes to match.

4. Creative! Create a clean and have the appearance of the visual appeal. Choose attractive box to reflect your personality, and perfectly suited to your inner beauty. There are many beautiful jewelry box, from expensive to cheap, wood, metal. Do you have a rich collection of jewelry, so you'd better choose a dresser, or is a jewelry receive ark? It can decorate your room, and there is enough space for you to store all the jewelry.

5. Protect the precious jewels if in your jewelry collection some expensive things, when you are not at home will be safely store them well. Someone broke into the jewelry box will easily be taken away. Therefore, we suggest that you will be more expensive items in the vaults. Contact diamond consultants to learn more advice on how to organize jewelry.

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