How To Tell If Jewelry Is Real Silver(二)

The Odor Test
The other test you could run to determine the authenticity of silver is the odor test. Why smell sterling silver jewelry? Sterling silver is odorless.

If the piece of jewelry in question has a noticeable odor, say, a sulfur-like or a rather distinct metallic fragrance, it means that the jewelry isn’t made of authentic sterling silver.

It may be silver-plated nit not made of sterling silver entirely. That said, this test is only recommended and ideal for you if you believe that you have a strong sense of smell.

The Flake Test
You could test a questionable piece of jewelry to determine if it’s actually made of sterling silver or not by running the flake test.

This test helps tell you when you have a real sterling silver jewelry piece or a silver-plated piece.

To run this test, try scratching the piece in question using your fingernail or any other soft material like a fine file. If there is flaking that reveals a base with a different kind of metal underneath, it means that you are looking at a silver-plated piece rather than a piece of actual sterling silver.

You could also test the flakes that come out by dropping them in an acid. If the piece is made of pure silver, the acid won’t change color, but there will be color changes if it’s plated or just not made of pure silver.

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