Know when to take off your jewelry

Yes, we know how much you love your gorgeous ring or bracelet. And, we know it can be hard to take those babies on and off again. But, it's critical, and here's why.Strong chemicals, sulfur, sweat and perspiration, chlorine, and harsh sunlight can tarnish and corrode the brilliant shine you love in your silver.Don't take your chances. Preventative care is significantly easier than dealing with damaged jewelry!

It is optimal to remove jewelry during the following times:

1、Household chores, such as dishes, laundry, and when using cleaning supplies
2、When exercising, at the gym, or playing contact sports
3、When showering or bathing
4、Swimming, hot tubs, or saunas
5、Very hot places (such as when lying out at the beach or pool)
6、When getting ready (i.e: putting on lotion, makeup, hair products)
7、Preparing, cooking, or eating foods that contain sulfur (this includes eggs and mayonnaise).
8、Outside chores or tasks, such as gardening

Preventative care is ALWAYS easier than aftercare!

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