Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand?

1. According to ancient Chinese culture, jade bangle bracelets like crystals are worn on the left hand to purify the incoming gas.
And as an essential cultural element worn by women and children to show the love shared and for sustenance, communication, and connection between mother and child, it is worn on the left hand.

2. Buddhists also believe that the bangle is worn on the left hand, thanks to the ‘left in, right out’ theory. This theory holds that the left hand is the clean hand.
In contrast, the right hand is the dirty hand – perhaps because most human beings use their right hand to engage in things, including pollution, killing, arson, and many other things considered taboo in Buddhism.
So, the right hand is the evil, dirty hand that releases the dirty and evil energy from time to time. The left, non-dominant hand, on the other hand, is the clean hand as it doesn’t kill life.
The left hand absorbs clean, positive energy. So, the jade bracelet goes on the left hand, where it absorbs clean energy and the pure spirit, plus the positive powers in the world, purifying the body and soul.
And as expected, persons whose left hand is their dominant hand would wear the bracelet on the right.

3. The third belief that supports the idea of wearing the jade bracelet on the left hand is a theory from traditional Chinese medicine.
It has to do with the 12 meridians in the human body and the fact that in the July pericardial meridian, the hand reaching the chest’s Tianchi acupoint from the left hand’s middle fingertip passes through Neiguan and Daling.
The left-hand massages these acupoints. It is also believed that jade has a calming and stabilizing effect on the blood pressure of both the flesh and the meridians, so it’s ideal for wearing the bracelet on the left hand.
On the left, jade massages the flesh and the meridian, balancing the heart rate and calming the mind, body, and soul.  

4. Finally, the state of the human body and living habits make the left hand perfect for wearing the jade bracelet.
Since this is more of a permanent bracelet, wearing it on the left hand or the non-dominant hand protects the bracelet from breaking, and it will not get in the way.
A wrap bracelet refers to the type of wrap bracelet whose design allows you to twist it around your wrist seamlessly two or more times.
The result is a bracelet that stylishly drapes your wrist. The design of this bracelet also makes it a very trendy accessory that has been proven to pass the test of time.
The standard features that make the wrap bracelets stand out include the construction of the bracelet out of leather and other materials such as nylon thread.
The designs of the bracelets are also quite variable, and they range from the simple or the basic design to the more complex and intricately designed wrap bracelets.
The colors of the bracelets are also variable, and you will find wrap bracelets made of colorless crystals and others made of the brightest colored beads and semi-precious stones, crystals, and pearls.
Wrap bracelets are also longer than the average bracelet, with enough extra length to wrap around your wrist a number of times. As a result, these bracelets are often great statement pieces.

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